Saturday, January 1, 2000

W3AR Instructions


Errors while trying to start the application?
Then you need .Net Version 2 Framework.

This program is very simple to use.
  • Set your hotkey (default F7) in preferences.
  • Set your port (if it detected an incorrect port) as the one set in game (Options -> Gameplay) in preferences.
  • Choose either simple or advanced names (selected tab will be used).
  • Fill in names and color (type color code in or double click on the color boxes).
  • Select a leave direction
    • Up: refreshers leave from bottom to top.
    • Down: refreshers leave from top to bottom.
    • Randomised: refreshers leave randomly.
    • Random: Randomly chooses one of the above 3.
  • Press your hotkey to autorefresh.

Type /refresh x in game to refresh every x seconds.
The value x must be greater or equal to 5 seconds.
Type /refresh 0 to disable auto refreshing.
A sound will be played if the command is detected and if the value is valid.

  • You do not have to save your colors, this is automatically done when you close the program. The "Save Colors As" is for saving the current setup so you can try different setups without having to remember all the color codes.
  • Using the color grey (AAAAAA) will allow you to have 15 characters.
  • Using the color white (FFFFFF) will allow you to have 13 characters.
  • Using any other color will allow you to have 5 characters.
  • Entering a value which has less than 6 characters into the color box will result in the value being padded to the right with F's. eg. "99" becomes "99FFFF"


Anonymous said...

VT, I love this program, most important for me when I host games. But the thing that I really hate is SPAM. Would it be possible to make the bot Mass Opening/Closing instead of Joining/Leaving? It would be a much sought after program if you made this change.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry wrong place to post comment on. Meant to comment on W3AR

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the source code for this?

Jaymz said...

auto refresh command not valid

Anonymous said...

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Zyl said...

Useful application, although the method used spams the chat with join/leave messages of the fake clients to refresh the game.

The autorefresh function does not work. When I type /refresh 6 in game chat I hear a blip sound which is supposed to confirm the input was correct, but the game is not being refreshes automatically. I have to refresh the game manually by hitting F7 every few seconds.

By the way, is very gay about sending many data packages. When your game is refreshed more often than once every 3 seconds for a few times you will lose your connection to, your game will not be visible in the list anymore at all and people will slowly start to drop from your game. Then when you try to go into again you won't even come to the login screen for half an hour or so - temporarily blocks your IP.