Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bancraft: The Java Banlist

A Java client for the Banlist community to use on Mac or Linux or as a Windows alternative to WC3Banlist.

Just a heads up here.

If you aren't aware, there's a clone of Banlist available that will work on *nix and Macs. It's still in its early stages so no doubt there are bugs to be found.

Check it out here: link

While on the subject of *nix and Macs, there's a version of W3DR here: link


Anonymous said...

Hi VT,

So is this better or worse than the original Banlist, for Windows users?



Anonymous said...

Hi VT,

So how do you open Bancraft. I extracted everything correctly, what are you supposed to run?



JPD said...

It depends what you mean by better or worse. It has a slightly different feature set with a different user interface. Bancraft supports the new scripts which are eventually going to be the only scripts. However we do not currently have an autorefresher included in the program, and do not have a chat interface. Other than that, the programs' offerings are very similar. Bancraft however has more manageable code, and a better outlook towards the feature at this point.

VT said...

It looks like Banlist has stopped development?

Hopefully this takes over and it adds more features.

Latest Game and Tech Posts said...

Just to answer some questions before anyone else asks:

- WC3Banlist has STOPPED in development for who knows why.
- A new software like WC3Banlist has been started. It is called Bancraft. It doesn't have all the abilities that WC3Banlist has, but it's getting there. Also, there's bound to be bugs.
- WC3Banlist stopped production due to Knarf "quitting" or getting back to his life. The code of WC3Banlist is so scrambled that it would take a long time to figure out. So a new project like it has been started. And that is Bancraft.

- As said, Bancraft currently doesn't have all of the WC3Banlist features.

- @BLKRDR: It doesn't matter whether you are a Windows user or not. Point is: it will run anyway.

- If you want to find out where Bancraft is supported, then go here:
That is the development page.

- Bancraft is currently in Beta.
Check here:

- As of 10/3/2009, Bancraft only has these features implemented:
* An in-game Autorefresher
* Multiple banlist/infolist capabilities
* Gamename copying (chat or whisper)
* Automatic Database backups!

- View their thread to find out more. (Link posted above)

And that's all. VT will probably not be able to help you out with any questions related to Bancraft.

@VT: Great hacks and tools you've developed. I use 'em everyday when I host on Warcraft. Nice work.

Also, if you want to move this comment into your post, I'd be happy :D

I took sometime to search and write this..sorta.