Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pudge's curved Hook

For quite some time anybody who claimed they saw a hooked curve was violently flamed by the internet heroes. They would be dismissed by 'pros' and 'gosus' etc etc claiming it's an optical illusion caused by Warcraft's terrain.

Not so long ago somebody posted on the DA forums that they have mastered the curve hook, it was indisputable, pretty pictures and step by step instructions that even a 3 year old could understand.

However this post was deleted a few minutes after it was posted, who knows why? perhaps bug abuse, perhaps to try keep the secret hidden amongst pros (kidding, it was bug abuse).

Anyway, I decided to try it out myself, unfortunately I only briefly looked at the post so I cant remember how to exactly pull it off.

The only thing I could remember from the post was; to curve the hook in the direction you want to curve it, you walk in that direction after hooking.

However I tried it out and my results were quite random, sometimes it would curve just a tiny bit, some times massively as you can see in this pic:

In the next series of pictures, I curved the Hook and they all hit, perhaps they were going to hit regardless of the curve or not?

My initial thoughts is that it's pretty useless, in all the pictures I could of picked a better line to launch the hook.

What do you think? If anybody knows how to do it exactly, please let me know!


Jian said...

To curve the hook its a matter of using the way point system. Initially when u do a hook shot, the pudge will pause and will not move during that time, prehaps to prevent 'the hook shot' ? Anyway i found that to do a consistent hook shot, u simply way point to the direction ur going to do the hook from, waypoint the hook, and the direction 90 degrees from the hook, u will see it curve Quite well :D

Anonymous said...

I just tried it on single-player, where it curves does indeed affect what unit is hooked. So yeah, it was probably deleted to avoid bug abuse.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think it's where you hook on whole map that does the curving.
Maybe it's when you're running then hooking and moving again it is curving?

Anonymous said...

yes sometime sit would hook as i was running to hook then running as i was chasing and id miss cause hook and id be like wtf... it is pretty random thow

Anonymous said...

i've been playing pudge for 5 years and every single game i play pudge i always have curved hooks i just hook and sometimes it just does it

Anonymous said...

It isn't difficult at all. You have to use shiftqueue (or waypoints as that dude called it) With that you can also prolong the hook with Force Staff.