Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This program will automatically refresh your Warcraft III game (to put it on top of the list) so people join faster.
Supports custom colors and multiple names.

  • Fixed crash when refreshing using command



GoD-Tony said...

A nice set of tools you have on this site. I pretty much use them all now.

VictorFox said...

>~> is anyone else having problems with this AR?
i think it started since the War3 patch i'm not sure though.

when ever i open it, it gives me a heap of errors in a detail box, dropping down to reveil page after page of text.

now i dont know about anyone else, but i really miss using this AR, it was good and only refreshed when you told it to, unlike some out there who refresh on a timer and suck up your Processingpower un-neededly.

and yes i do have .Net version 2 framework, you think i'm silly?

well i'm off x3 gonna go play on BA some more

asd said...

I wanna 1.23 for W3AR, W3DK

VictorFox said...

leik, i was wondering. can we get a new AR? i donno about every1 else but this one dosn't work..

Anonymous said...

yea victorfox i been using it for a while and 1 day all these errors come up when i open the AR

ps i been using it during the patch too it just 1 day it said all these errors

Anonymous said...

Seems this error problem isn't go to ever be discussed.

I restarted my computer and AR and DR now dont work.

Anonymous said...

Hi VT,

Great work on the AR, but is it possible to have a "silent" refresher? Basically it doesn't show bot names and doesn't cause spam.



Anonymous said...

The AR works perfectly until you restart your computer, then brings up error message that everyone is getting. Yes, we do have .2 Net framework. Anyone know how to fix this?

Anonymous said...

OK here is how u get around the error message at start. If you are getting the same error as I was, it should give you a message saying that you have an option to continue anyways, or quit. Press continue, then in game it will seem to not work. It works if you type /refresh xx (time) just not if you press the f7 hotkey. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I cannot fix the hotkey.
I want to change hotkey from F7 to F5, but every time I hit the F5 key and CLICK the 'SAVE' button,
the program set the hotkey as mouseclick.

Anonymous said...

use tab key..
command /refresh 7 doesen't work