Monday, March 30, 2009


Heres a CLI version of W3DR. It is a basic cut down version of W3DR and is compiled natively.

The main purpose of this is for users running Warcraft in WINE. This will also work on Windows however i recommend the original W3DR for Windows users.

  • Displays current delay value (in game and before game).
  • Changes current delay value (in game and before game).
  • Supports all versions of Warcraft.

Advanced usage:
To change the delay and immediately return;
W3DR_CLI.exe delay
W3DR_CLI.exe 50

Updated for 1.23



Ilia said...

wow thx a lot, it works great

Ilia said...

Oh before game it works just fine, but as soon as I host, and still inside the game lobby, I get
"Changed pre game delay but failed to change in game delay" when trying to change and "Error finding in game address value" when trying to get current delay.

Ilia said...

It's the same whether I host in LAN or in Bnet.

VT said...

Can you please contact me via email.

Anonymous said...

It's not working! It says "Error 5"

Unknown said...

Can this use by v1.22 and v1.21?

Anonymous said...

its not working under 1.23

Anonymous said...

Hey, when i run it, it says "cant find warcraft 3 window (..) error 1407.

I think it does not recognize war3.exe running process. Maphack/camerahacks works well thought. Using newest wine and Ubuntu 9.04.


Anonymous said...

Is there Any W3DR for 1.22?

and about this, is it only work at 1.23??

becoz when i type !dr 100, the current value is changed but nothing about displaying text??

is it not suitable for my warcraft?

W3DRFan said...

erm, can u update the W3DK version to support v1.23 ? thx.

Anonymous said...

I figuret out, this work's only when Warcraft 3 window name is "warcraft 3". Can you fix this, because WINE users does not have title called that. It's called "Wine desktop" or "Frozen throne.exe". There sould be option to change that!

Martin said...

Hi, I can confirm the bug with being able to set the delay when not in a game or not in a lobby. But once in game I get "Changed pre game delay but failed to change in game delay".

I'm also running Frozen Throne under wine, and I also have Frozen throne.exe in my window title.

In previous versions of WC3 and you W3DR_cli.exe this worked flawlessly.