Saturday, January 1, 2000

W3DR Instructions


Errors while trying to start the application?
Then you need .Net Version 2 Framework and WinPcap.

Changing Delay
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Enter your desired value into the text box and press Enter.
If the text box is disabled it means the program cannot find Warcraft III.

Switch Languages
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Click Options then click on the desired language from the drop down menu.

Change NICs
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Click Options then click on the your primary NIC from the drop down menu.

In game Commands
To use in game commands type the command then wait ~0.5s then press enter. A sound will be played to indicate the command was detected. Depending on the command, another sound may be played to indicate the command has finished processing.

Checking delay

Usable by players and host (in the game lobby and whilst in the game).

Changing delay
!dr 70

Use /drlp to get the last results (it will be put in the clipboard)

Country checks
Use /drlc to get the last results (it will be put in the clipboard)

  • You dont have to remake the game if you forget to open W3DR, you can just open it while in game and change the latency.
  • You dont have to have W3DR open the whole game. Change it once and all future games will be delay free (until you close Warcraft).
  • This is only for the host, if the host is not using W3DR then you will have delay, if the host is using W3DR then all players will have reduced delay (even if players dont have W3DR).
  • Players using GGC, LC, Hamachi and LAN can reduce delay using W3DR.
  • Vista users need admin privileges.
  • My ping method uses the same method as ping.exe (32 bytes), for reference; banlist uses 18 bytes so my pings will probably be a little bit higher. Times out at 1000ms.
  • If you only use English and dont want the Language menu to appear or dont want the language folder then just delete the Language folder in your W3DR directory.
  • It might be a good idea to put [DR] in the title of your games so others will know they are joining a delay free game, it also allows players who only join delay free games to easily identify games.
    eg. [dr] ap pros, banlisted, USA


Anonymous said...

i confused with ur program
sorry,,i just begin play warcraft
i confused with changing delay
if the number bigger the delay get more reduce or if it get bigger the delay get more longer???
thx 4 u attention
please rep 2 my email

Anonymous said...

Hey VT I love ur tools there awesome. Just one thing, could u make a program that as all the features, DK, DR and AR. Ints annyoing having to open them all up when they are all in different folders coz of the functions files.


SarJan007- said...

Hey, i have followed the instructions and installed they way u wanted it.

But there is one problem im still having. Its:

Error game.dll (-5)

But the thing is, i can hear the "DUM" sounds when i !dr 80 in the game.

can u tell me if this is a problem or shall i over look it. poeple in my game lagg at times. but last time when i host, there was no lagg.

Play On: Ucpro
Id: SarJan007-

VT said...

Hey VT I love ur tools there awesome. Just one thing, could u make a program that as all the features, DK, DR and AR. Ints annyoing having to open them all up when they are all in different folders coz of the functions files.


You can just have all the files in the one folder. W3AR and W3DK use the same functions.dll.


It will be fixed in the next version, stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hey im having problem with the 1701. some error. cant continue also. any idea?

Anonymous said...

can you incorporate a refresher in the client?

Anonymous said...

in last ggc this programm not work :(
need new version!

sorry for my bad english

Anonymous said...

please fix some bugs on DR

- sometimes crashes
- uses too much cpu
- doesn't always recognize when you do !dr [xx]

Trigun said...

Hey, DR is an Ace program but when i try to run it now for some reason it says 'Please identify your network interface card' and in the box next to NIC it is blank, i do not understand how to fix this, and have had the problem with every version of DR2 since yesterday

Anonymous said...

Hello, what is the recommended values for and lan and hamachi games? I don't understand why somebody use 80 and somebody 110. Why not simply use always 250?

Anonymous said...

cause 250 is higher and less means better!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded 1.8.2, and I can start the application and change the delay values, but somehow cant access the options at all... in-game, nothing happens too when I type !DR of anything.

I have winpcap and microsoft NET2. whats wrong?

Anonymous said...

I cannot access the options at all, only if i open two delay reducers it will it let me change the language but it does not give any options in the language spot. Also same problem as person above me in which it does not let me do /drc or /drip.

I also have winpcap and NET2 installed.

Please help me, Ty

Anonymous said...

disreaguard my previous comment
" cannot access the options at all, only if i open two delay reducers it will it let me change the language but it does not give any options in the language spot. Also same problem as person above me in which it does not let me do /drc or /drip.

I also have winpcap and NET2 installed.

Please help me, Ty"

I just noticed i was doing /drc instead of !drc.....
!drc works for me but !drip does not please help me, ty.

Anonymous said...

Just logged into wc3 and had to download the new patch. Now DR comes up with a Error: Game.dll (-1)

is this a known bug or something that is new with the new battlenet update?


VT said...

Have you got the new version of DR?

person in need of help said...

Whenever I do !drp everyone always turns up as t/o game after game.... is there a fix to this?

Ty for ur time. And are you planning on adding on an auto refresh to the program in the future. cause its kinda awesome, besides !drp :D

Anonymous said...

Very weird, my DR worked yesterday but starting today i reinstall my W3 due to issues, then suddenly it stopped working, i got Frame net 2, and wincapp, and suddenly it doesn't have any option at all! I try to change delay value but it doesn't seem to work, none of the command works, very weird situation pzl help me out ty

derik_eric_huny said...

Heyz everytime I try to run W3DR it runs normally but when I right click on the icon on the taskbar and then try to change the number it always says '28/03/2009 8:31:06 PM: Could not change pre/in game delay value (LAN/NET, 998, 998, 998)' and then it doesn't have any affect on my game. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

looks like it doesnt work while u use deepfreeze in frozen mode...

Anonymous said...

i need some help. my DK show "Error: Could not retrieve player data", What should i suppose to do to fix it and plz tell me about how cause of this problem. thank you

p.s. if my english is not good so i'm sorry about that

Fraser said...

Help plz....

Could not change pre game delay value (LAN/NET, 998, 998)

Anonymous said...

Hey VT, thx 4 ur DR
Btw, I want 2 ask u somehin about my error. When I run W3DR and right click on W3DR icon on taskbar, the NIC and language selection is empty ! So, I can't user the DR

Can u tell me what's the problem and how to fix it ? Thx very much VT =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the program. I love it now that I switched from another program due to the recent Warden changes.

However, I use Windows 7 x64 (build 7100) and although the program itself works as well as the right clicking, but the options menu never completely opens. It says a window is open on the taskbar but doesn't really open.

It would be cool if you could update the program to be compatible.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

cant get your .net version 2 framework

Anonymous said...

i am having problems with this error i already have those 2 programs installed i am geting these errors
6/13/2009 1:38:19 AM: Error: Game.dll (-1)
6/13/2009 1:38:19 AM: Error: Game.dll (-2)
6/13/2009 1:38:19 AM: Error: Game.dll (-3)
6/13/2009 1:38:19 AM: Could not change pre game delay value (LAN/NET, -3, 183, -3, 183)

then i just get error game.dll over and over

Anonymous said...

hi VT can i ask you something this is not differ to others cuz its like this when i change the delay it said Could not change in game delay value(998)why is this os happening you told us to follow your instructions and i follow it well but its more complicated with this errors what should i do?

Reply will be appreciated:

Anonymous said...

wow thanks man i use to get the Error: Game.dll (-1)everytime i opened a dr and for some reason when i dled this one it worked. haha tyvm
im running window x64 and seriously just dled this dr and no more error msgs

JaeWon said...

Hey, I recently downloaded DR, but whenever I turn it on to change the ping using the icon on the taskbar, there is an error message that says, "Could not access W3 (5)." When I try to exit this error message, so does the icon. Help!? I did download the .NET thingie.

CryTeX said...

Hey VT, your DR works fine, there is no delay. But there is one thing thats a litle bit strange to me. Everytime I host a game in
(DotA, Platform Escape, etc.),with DR, its like playing in Slowmotion.(No Delay) I don't know why its like this, so I do hope that you can give me an answer.

BTW: My computer DO NOT suck, and my internet connection DO NOT suck either.


Anonymous said...

Very nifty app. Is there a technical writeup on this works? Cheers again.

Anonymous said...

so normmally ucplay or ggc use dr need to set how many ? who can tell me ? thanks

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded the 1.24 update from blizzard for WC3, and my Delay Reducer stopped working and now says game.dll(-1). Is there anyway I can fix this or is someone working on a fix? Please help.

Anonymous said...

Plzz make W3DR for the new patch 1.24! I really cant play without my DR!

Anonymous said...

agreeeeed to make new patch and i got the same problem as



Anonymous said...

Hey I got a simular problem with net valu(NET-1)and the game.dll. I got An other program that works in the simular way! It Is called Dota client, it also has a Delay Reducer built in it. The dota client Is mostly USed in Dota League: have some info about the latest version:

- Robust Anti-hack Client/Server System for Warcraft III Custom Games
- Complete DotA-based Statistical Tracking (Kills, Deaths, Creep Kills, Denies, Assists, APM, etc)
- Advanced Custom Game Latency Reduction Controller for both and LAN Games
- Warcraft III Automation
- Useful Misc features such as Window Locking and Countdown elimination

I have no idea If it works on other games than dota(it probably does)

Here is a link to the webpage:

Hope This Helps :)

Add me to friends on wc3 OR PM me on wc3 account "The_War_dragon"(northerend) if u have any questions.

I will try to answer them :)

VT said...

have some info about the latest version:

Correct me if im wrong but DC hasnt been updated since 1.21.

By the way, i deleted your other advertising post. There's no reason for you to advertise DC on the W3DK page. That's just illogical.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating this version.
It finally works after downloading from serveral websites.

I really enjoy using [W3DR] and it makes my games popular to join.

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have both programs installed to prevent error messages, but whenever I launch the DR, it shows me a message saying:
"Error: Game.dll (-1)"
I use Vista, and it shows me this even when I run as admin. Can you please help me sir? :(

Anonymous said...

Hey man ..I got a problem when I start warcraft / battlenet then open this program and try to put "90" in that box under options it says
>> Error: Game.dll(-1)<<
Can u tell me what to do,by contacting me on my personal e-mail
In advance TNX

Uraldu said...

i have the same problem plz help!

Anonymous said...


When ever I use !drp or !drc it makes the noise but displays nothing? Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Anonymous said...

hi, i have this problem too
">> Error: Game.dll(-1)<<""""

please send me the solution to my email

plz help1!!

Anonymous said...

i also have a game.dll problem, if possible could some one email me on, thanks :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to use the dr, but it won't change it's delay no matter which version, just keeps saying error and won't let me press anything unless i quit warcraft soz yeah. Is it that my vck is going or something?

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Anonymous said...

my warcraft crashes after 5 - 10 mins in.
using win 7 64bit.

Anonymous said...

yea my warcraft crashes after 5 - 10 mins when using the latest version of DR.
I tried to install FrameNet version 2 but it doesnt allow to install on 64bit.
Need some help~!

Anonymous said...

I follow the instructions , I download Net FrameWork 2.0 and install he. But when I open WC3DR and Warcraft III , Warcraft III is crashed , with crashed I mean after 1 minutes the game is quit automatically... Please help me VT , Thanks !

Anonymous said...

i get constant fatals no joke
i cant play at all
im not capped or anything
and it crashes wc3 if i do manage to keep a game going till the end
so is their something im missing or is the dr. idk

any insight would be good

Anonymous said...

Ummm how come the keeps on saying Error Game.dll (-1) and other stuff and when i say !dr 80 it doesnt work

Anonymous said...

same thing to mine keep on saying error game .dll (-1) pls tell the solution

Clinton Shane Wright said...

Hi VT Team, listen guys I am trying to use the delay reducer but I dont understand how the delay amount works because I get a long default integer given in the delay ping input, here is what I get:

What does this need to be changed to. I look forward to your all in 1 version of your tools for War3.

Anonymous said...

hey I think garena blocks it because when I tried to use it without garena I had no problem but when I try to use it on garena it says "26.7.2010 г. 01:03:30: Could not change in game delay value (5)" where do u think is the prolem ?

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d_jocker said...

Your program crashes my WC3. Can you please tell the cause and remedy for this.

Anonymous said...

This is really pissing me off. I have net version 2 framework and WinPcap and the error: game dll (-1) thing still blinks. Annoyed at how little help there is over this problem on the net. have version 1.8.2 newest version to my knowledge

Anonymous said...

sorry I have 1.8.3** to finish my last comment

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Anonymous said...

I believe it be best to categorise the problems :/
-Win 7 issues
-XP SP 2/3 issues
-Vista 32/64 bit issues

Anyway's, your Software is amazing :3
however I'm getting the
of "common error"
1:"problem receiving pre-player data"
2:game.dll (1) missing
3:static delay of 563
4:unable to enter "options" menu via task bar of (W3DR)icon (doesnt bring up UI - but gives the selections of -options/563/exit

and im guessing because i cant start the W3DR; i cant !dr xx or /drp .ect

help appreciated

OEM Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (windows 7 + vista have .network 2/3 installed as a standard)

Anonymous said...

Well, Can I ask a question... What does !dr exactly does.. If it reduces the delay.. What is this use of the value? On another word Why to write a desired value? What does it exactly does.. And what does delay reduce means.. Does it mean that it reduces the delay which players suffers if they are from different countries? Or it is something else.. If it is what does it exactly mean.. Thanks in advance.

Joshua Ang said...

Hey ! :D Can you please post the Net Frame Work 2 link ? cause i cant go to the link you posted . help please . thanks

send me :

Boom Pork said...

it says error(5) when attempting to set unlock memory at 0x6F65E5E1

Benitto said...

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