Friday, March 20, 2009


Reduce Warcraft III's delay of 250ms and LANs 100ms to any value you wish.
  • Stopped DR from appearing in ALT-TAB while minimised.

  • Updated for Warcraft 1.23.
    • Thanks to SCV.MuSa for his assistance. Good luck to the competitors in the Korean Chaos tournament.
  • Added translation for Finnish users.

  • SharpPcap seems to be buggy for some users so i've removed it, !dr command disabled for players, only host can use it.
  • WinPcap is no longer required
  • NIC setting is currently not used



Anonymous said...

In my options ,
I can't find NIC
Is it patched?

VT said...

It has been disabled, just ignore it.

Sagaz said...

error in download

this file not existin

patrick said...

Thx VT for your hard effort on supporting this cool software. Unlike some faggot leechers who just come in and dl the file and run off without saying thx. Anywayz thx for DR really helps reduce delay!

deogee said...

latvian translation has inaccuracy

but this software ir great TNX

peyn said...

hey VT..thanks 4 that update..i've been waiting for 1.8 to come out..then poof! here it is..TYVM!^_^

Anonymous said...

!dr ingame command not working anymore since downgrading from w3dr test. Still doesn't work with new version. Anyone got any ideas why???

Anonymous said...

Read the change log..

SharpPcap seems to be buggy for some users so i've removed it, !dr command disabled for players, only host can use it.

Anonymous said...

SharpPcap seems to be buggy for some users so i've removed it, !dr command disabled for players, only host can use it"

Thanks for replying, but I am the host.

Anonymous said...

I translated it to finnish. It is spoken in Finland. There is lot of WC3 players here tho.


error1=Viivearvo pitää olla väliltä 0 ja 550
error6=Ei voitu hakea pelinsisäistä viivearvoa
error8=Ei voitu hakea esipelin viivearvoa
error10=Ei voitu vaihtaa pelinsisäistä viivearvoa
error11=Ei voitu vaihtaa esipelin viivearvoa
error12=Ei voitu vaihtaa esipelin/pelinsisäistä viivearvoa
error13=Ei voitu hakea tietoa pelaajista
error15=Ei pääsyä WC3:seen

string3=on saatavilla
string4=W3 ei päällä
string5=Toinen intsanssi on jo ajossa
string8=Vaihdettu esipeli/pelinsisäistä viivettä isännälle
string9=Vaihdettu esipelin viivearvoa isännälle
string12=Ei pelaajia löytynyt
string13=Ei pelaajia pingattavaksi
string14=Ei pingejä
string15=Ei maa tietoja
string17=Valitse verkkokorttisi Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great software dude! If you would intergrate wc3ar in wc3dr, it would be even greater! And don't bother with wc3 drop kicker, it's a drop hack infact and lots of ppl abuse it and get banned!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks.

Linards said...


Kurā tulkojumā ir kļūda? Itka man VT rakstīja, ka dažus nevaro pārtulkot, ja sistēma ( faili ) neatbalsta unikodu ... tkai ascii .. ;)

Atmet e-pastu uz ar to nepareizo rindiņu ...

Linards said...


Het mate, Ill hopefully send you translation corrections soon ... stay aware ;)

Shine said...


Anonymous said...

What's NIC?

Linards said...

Network Interface Controller - that little card where your internet cable is plugged in ...

Anonymous said...

writes: "MediaFire requires cookies be enabled for downloading. Please enable cookies for this site, reload the webpage and try your request again. NOTE: If you have virus checkers, anti-spyware tools or the like installed, they can sometimes prevent cookies being relayed. Try enabling cookie support for this site in those applications and retry your request." HELP!

Anonymous said...

i have the same cookie thing problem...

Anonymous said...

it's not worked under the DeepFreeze on Windows XP..

i dunno why ..

i have installed Framework 2.0


Anonymous said...

Where is WINE/CLI version?

Maverick56 said...

I'm running WinXP pro SP2 and W3dr.exe just throws up an error every time I attempt to run it.

"Warcraft III Delay reducer has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Screenshot included.

VT said...

"Where is WINE/CLI version?

Have you got .net 2?

Anonymous said...

MediaFire requires cookies be enabled for downloading. Please enable cookies for this site, reload the webpage and try your request again. NOTE: If you have virus checkers, anti-spyware tools or the like installed, they can sometimes prevent cookies being relayed. Try enabling cookie support for this site in those applications and retry your request." !!!! help me

Pyta said...

Related to MediaFire ERROR problem:
Right click on that MediaFire page ->
Properties (last item in that menu) ->
copy that URL into clipboard, paste in address line and ENTER.

Thats all, loosers, it took me 10 seconds to figure it out, and you are crying here like babies. Shame on you...

(Or you can use Firefox for downloading this. It's a shitty browser, but I keep it for case something doesn't work on Maxthon...)

Pyta said...

One question for VT:
Are you aware of a problem that while using your DR, it disconnects one random player after random time, without that countdown, just like he had left, but he HAVEN'T LEFT... ?

I was hosting 2v2, then suddenly my mate left, but we were still hearing each other on TeamSpeak and he said a message dropped out: "You were disconnected". Later one of these 2 enemies left even though they owned me... So it was 1v1 and finaly that last one also left, definitely not by his own will.

Could that be caused by delay set only to 80 (game over internet, not LAN)?

Anonymous said...

hello i need help im using vista i have .net framework 2 i did all i can but still having the same prob.

"could not change ingame delay values" like that i dont know why but my other friend using vista has it running :( plz help thx

Fernando said...


I don't seem to make it work.

I double-click the thingee and nothing happens.

I got .Net Framework 2 up to date.

I got WinPcap (even tho it should be no longer needed)

I am using Win Ue (Open XP version)

It just won't do a thing if i double-click the executable.


Anonymous said...

VT, thanks for the awesome software man!!!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much more fun you have made DotA on

Amazing, simply amazing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If i use this on garena ladder will it be counted as a win or a lose

Anonymous said...

can't wait for next version what's the ETA?

Raventus said...

always getting Error like this...

Could Not Access W3 (5)

Can anybody help me? How to fix it?

Thx before!

Anonymous said...

Post in Indonesian Language:
Tolong dong...
ada yg pake deepfreeze gak lu orang ?

gw pake Deep Freeze Standard
gw sudah install NetFrame 2.0
gw pake W3DR versi *(gw test pakai semua versi juga sama aja)*

saat gw Thaw, W3DR bisa detect WC3, berjalan mulus, no problem
saat gw Freeze, W3DR muncul pesan error "Couldn't access WC3 (5)"

nih gambar nya:

KLIK Untuk Memperbesar..

Keterangan gambar:
Tuh di tengah, Add/Remove Programs sudah terlihat, NetFrameWork 2.0 udah terinstall dengan baik
Tuh liat di kanan bawah, ada lambang Deepfreeze, lingkaran gambar beruang putih
Tuh liat di kanan bawah, ada lambang W3DR, ada balon error
Tuh liat di kiri bawah, Program Warcraft III gw udah jalanin

eh.. kalian yg pakai deepfreeze, jalanin W3DR ini ada masalah gak ? kok tempat gw aneh bener... pusing gw oi...

nih kalo mao tes link deepfreezenya gw kasih:

NO VIRUS santai aja... sudah lulus uji, gw pake McAfee, Adware, Spybot, gak terdetect trojan, dari webnya tested pakai Kapersky

Post in English :
Please Help Me *very confusing*
anyone using deepfreeze to execute this W3DR any version?

i installed Deep Freeze Standard
i installed NetFrame 2.0
i installed W3DR *(but any version i tried occured the same problem)*

when i Thaw, W3DR could detect WC3
when i Freeze, W3DR could not detect, appears error baloon "Could not access WC3 (5)"

look at this link to get picture of my desktop:

Image Notes:
in center: Add/Remove Programs, i have installed NetFrameWork 2.0 as well
in right bottom: Deepfreeze icon, looks like White Bear
in right bottom: error W3DR baloon
in left bottom: i have execute Warcraft III

I have question: does anyone using DeepFreeze to execute it? I have headache because of this confusing problem.

I give you link to test the deepfreeze:

Enjoy it, No Virus detected, i use McAfee, Adware, and Spybot, From the web also tested by Kapersky.

=My Nick Name is ETANOL=
thank you VT

eLMagodelRock said...

hi man, nice soft, but i have a problem, when i tries to change delay in w3cdr always returns to 250, this is without hosting, when i hosting i try to changed but says "cannot change the delay (998)" what can it be?
Thx a lot

Anonymous said...

Thanks You!!

Vary useful program.!

Kyle gordon said...

Hey, just thought I'd let you know.. with the 1.23 update DR no longer works

Anonymous said...

same with the above. W3DR no longer works with the new 1.23 WC3 patch.

Hope you'll release a new version becuz this program is very useful!

N0lifer said...

Since the bnet patch 2.3 was released i've been unable to change the latency with delay reducer. It constantly resets value to 563.
And i keep getting these two errors.

Error: Could not retrieve pre game delay value (Net, -3)

Error: Game.dll (-1)

I hope you could give us some sort of guidance to make it function, or mby you'll make a new, updated version.

Anyway, thx for great software!
And thx in advance for your help :)

automne9 said...

I'd mailded you. please check it

Anonymous said...

Guys pls be patient, the new patch just released and VT needs time to do it...

Jimmy said...

Hey VT
thx for the speedy update for 1.23.
but like N0Lifer im getting the same problem
Error. Game.dll (-1)
and the latency keeps resetting.

I got Net Framework 2
hope u can tell us wats wrong

thx again for the great software

jimmy said...

nvm, i found out i dl 1.80 by accident. works great!

apologies for my stupidity

Gustavo said...

i can't download the link is broked


Kyle Gordon said...

For anyone having problems with the horrible site he chose to host the download on try my filefront link it brings you to filefront download (Note some download managers have problems downloading from filefront)

Kyle Gordon said...

Also I hosted it on as well for anyone who has problems with the file front link

Anonymous said...

thx to Kyle for the extra link to the file.
it works great. the MediaFire link is dead for sure.

thx VT for the speedy update! now i can host again! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update... but why Mediafire? It's so retarded, even when it does work. Use something else, please xD

Anonymous said...

i cannot download from Mediafire, can anyone tell me a mirror?

Jager said...

Easyshare seems to work(haven't acutally dled ywt), but if you hit back on your browser you'll have to wait for another dl if your're not a member, like on rapidshare. Could you please upload it as an attachment on the dota allstars forum on your DR topic? I think that would solve the problem of these having to use these dodgy filesharing sites.

Kyle Gordon said...

I have again hosted a mirror for the in case anyone has problems with easyshare, easyshare seems to work fine but just in case anyone has problems

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Kyle Gordon for the extra mirrors. Finally able to dl .. had to save the file instead of just downloading to make it work =.=

Nakwa said...

Nice with a new version :)
I don't get options to work though, I click the "options" button and nothing shows up on screen.
On the secondary screen it shows up a delayreducer picture in the taskbar though, and disappears when you click it.
Maybe a dual screen bug?

Anonymous said...

Can you update the wine/cli version to patch 1.23?

rollsroy said...

Why does my clients said its delay even though i've set my dr to 90ms, is it working? I'm using a 1.22a version of warcraft. running on windows xp sp2

guoločgjk said...

it doesn't work on garena :( I guess Garena doesn't let it change w3 memory ....

Anonymous said...

This work with WINE on linux, but CLI version does not. It say "cant find warcraft 3 window.. Error 1407".

Can you fix CLI version, please : )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good job mate well done keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Anyone been CDkey banned for using this yet? Blizzards on a rampage with Warden, their pet spyware program; in an attempt to get rid of the bad hacks, they're getting rid of the good third party programs too.

BOB said...

Your ping does NOT work. It doesn't get past people's routers (t/o). LC's ping does work through routers, use that method.

Aiden C said...

<3 so much

Coutious ! said...

This is a nice programm. Though the options menu doesn't work for me.


it does write into warcraft memory
and therefore WARDEN (Blizzards Anti-Cheating Devise) will BAN (!) your CD-KEY.

@Author of this programm: Maybe you can develope a differnet methode for this programm to work. So that users who want to play a delay free game won't be banned.
Anyway this is a great programm. Thx for your effort!

jeefo said...

This is really nice program. doesn't work 1.21b
I need w3dr for 1.21b


Anonymous said...

Mediafire pliz.... It's too long to wait

Anonymous said...

please post it also in mediafire/rapidshare... It's too long too wait in easy-share....

Just use 2 links...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm if this is safe online?

Anonymous said...

Hello. I have been using the W3DR program for quite some time. To my suprise, i log on today and out of no where i get the error as follows.
7/15/2009 4:35:37 PM: Could not change pre game delay value (LAN/NET, 998, 998).

I have tried for a few hours to figure out a cause for this but i am completely stumped and confused as to why this would happen out of the blue. If anyone has any information, could you please post the cause of this error here? Thanks alot....-Nelson

Anonymous said...

battlenet update: would be kind, if you fix the problems with that update, because w3dr doesnt work anymore...

Anonymous said...

dr no work. and dota v.61b no work.... whats happening battlenet

aerialraver said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know what blizzard did but W3DR doesn't work anymore and it says that my dota maps can't be found? Whats going on

Anonymous said...

Fix DR plz

Anonymous said...

update DR plz to work with 1.24

VT said...

It will be in the next few days... no promises though. Latest is the end of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thnx man! I love DR.

Anonymous said...

not just another "FIX DR" post. Thanks for your work on creating W3DR. In past and future!

Anonymous said...

Hey VT, I always use your program, love it, and always argue with other people about why it is the best. I just have one question: After reading your explanation about how the program changes the default 250 ms. tacked onto our games, why does changing that value to, say, a value of "1" cause extreme spikes? Why do spikes occur? Why can I not just use the program to make the default ms. 0, and have no spikes and only less delay? Also, something strange happened once. My friend's host is usually bad, however one day, he reduced the delay to "1," and we experienced almost no spikes at all. There was almost no delay. This never worked again. It seems that sometimes the results of your program vary significantly. One day I will have to reduce to 60ms, another day I will have to make it 40 in order to get the same result. Why is this? Thanks so much for your program.

Kyle Gordon said...

It's because your ping changes from day to day, basically, people in the hosts game send their data to the host, and then the game waits that 250 ms to do the action that the player sent it , so your delay = 250 ms + whatever time it took the information to get to you over the internet, your ping, and that time that it takes to get over the internet can vary from day to day, considering how many variables are involved in the internet. So when you change the delay to 60 ms it is 60 + Internet Delay, and since the internet delay time varies it could be 60 + 40 one day for 100 ms of delay and the next day it could be 60 + 60 for 120, so that's kinda when you drop it to 40 to make 40 + 60 = 100 instead of 120. (Random times, it can vary a lot more than 40 to 60 lol ) As for your other question why 1 ms lags so bad... There is a reason that that 250 ms exists, player sends the data to the host and then the host waits that 250 ms before doing anything, in that 250 ms if the host doesn't receive a response from the player, it shows the player as lagging, so, when you lower it to 1 ms, the player has 1 ms to respond, virtually impossible over the internet. And that's why you dont lower it to 1ms and why we lower to 60ish, cause internet delays are usually less than that.

Not sure how clear of a response that is, if you have any questions let me know

Kyle Gordon said...

", that time..."** not and that time lol
typos <3

Anonymous said...

When I host games with WC3DR on bnet, sometimes people complain that the game is "spiking." Whose fault is that? The host's or the players'?

Evot said...

Thnx for Giving W3DR!

Jager said...

"When I host games with WC3DR on bnet, sometimes people complain that the game is "spiking." Whose fault is that? The host's or the players'?"

It can be either, or neither. :p

Reasons that can cause "spiking"

-DR set too low(set it above the highest ping to a player, e.g. set it to 100 and kick anyone over 100 ping)

-too large a distance between the host and a player

-any lines needed for communication between the host and the player being busy or having a problem

-internet connection isn't good enough,

-internet connection being used for something else as well e.g. downloading large files/torrents, streaming videos)

-wireless set up wrong.

-computer doesn't have enough memory(e.g. with under 1 gb of ram you should restart wc3 every couple of games, otherwise you will start to notice wc3 being slow

-cpu is being used by another program too much(this can cause the host to spike too, even if other players aren't)

If all the players have a problem, it's gonna be something to do with the host. Just remember it might be out of their control, just the lines getting busy in his area.

If it's only one or few players, then it's most likely something hapening on there end, or busy lines/too large a distance between the host or them.

Anonymous said...

hmmm the DR doesnt work after the bnet 1.24 patch :\

Kyle Gordon said...

Sooo yeah, what jager said!
Basically if it's just one player, tell him to go fuck himself lol and if it's all the players, raise your DR up.

Anonymous said...

omg dude please hurry up with an update. games are impossible without W3DR, everyone leaves cause of delay.

jesus said...

Come on DR for 1.24 please!!!!
we cant play with 250 ms of delay omg!!!

Anonymous said...

just use lc for the time being

Anonymous said...

I use lc meanwhile and it suxx.
You cant kick anyone. Yesterday i had 3 games with 2 nazis flaming all the time and one with a damn noob feeder on purpose...

Anonymous said...

Are you coming out with one which will work with v.1.24?

Rdragon said...

Yes he is, he said by the end of the weekend we should have the newest version. I love your program VT, I can host games with virtually no delay at ALL. =)

Anonymous said...

why is this not posted here?
works with 1.24

Anonymous said...

^ He's right guys, version works with patch 1.24.

View the thread here:

Richard said...

hey i keep getting this error popping up:
W3DR error could not retrieve pre game delay value (299)

would be really great if u could help, thanks!

331 said...

Your download link tells me to wait for 500 seconds to dowload the new W3DR. 500 seconds are quite ridiculous. Try MegaUpload or RapidShare, will ya?

Anonymous said...

game.dll erorr (-1) latency restin to 563 any help?

Anonymous said...

WTF 10 minutes+ to download a f.... 37.2kb file!!! WTF...... dude i have broadband2 for a reason, get a new host alredy ffs.... even a dial-up beats this s... wtf man... put it on rapidshare, u get money for every download, dont use easy-share its weak as s... ffs dude.

Anonymous said...

when i try and change delay i get "Error:could not change in game delay value (487)" i have tried like everything, it still wont work.

Anonymous said...

8/01/2010 12:07:13 AM: Could not retrieve pre game delay value (NET, -3)
8/01/2010 12:07:13 AM: Error: Game.dll (-1)
8/01/2010 12:07:14 AM: Error: Game.dll (-1)

WHAT IS WRONG? <--- plzz tell me whats wrong.

steff said...

i got the same problem..
plz email me if some1 can help

Anonymous said...

me too got the same prob as all the others,
Error: (-1)
please email me

BUNSOY said...

me too Error: Game.dll (-1)

please help me..

tell me what i gonna do!

Anonymous said...

good day sir/madam;

I am using a W3DR
I have a netframework 2.0 and 4.0
My problem is that when I enable my Deep Freeze and restart my PC
w3dr erro "could not access W3 (5)

but when i disable my Deep Freeze w3dr works perfect... but i want to enable my deep freeze because im not only the one using this computer can you sent me a w3dr that is working under DEEP FREEZE thank you...

email me:

thank you hope you i will receive a good feedback about this...