Saturday, January 17, 2009

XtoDVDbot 2

Have ConvertXtoDVD automatically batch convert all your video files to DVD while you're at work or outside or watching TV or etc.

I've received a few emails asking for XtoDVDbot 2 to be brought back, well here it is...

Brief list of features:

Drag and drop video files
Supports multiple files -> single DVD
Delete original upon completion
Create ISO's
Supports full menu's chapters, etc (through CXD)


Errors while trying to start the application?
Then you need .Net Version 2 Framework.

XtoDVDbot and ConvertXtoDVD both need Administrator permission on Vista.
Right click the .exe of both programs and go to compatibility and tick Run as Administrator.

Adding files

To add files you can drag and drop the files into the list, each file will be converted into invidual DVD's.
IE. Files a.avi and b.avi are added, 2 DVD's are created, one containing a.avi and one containing b.avi
If you hold CTRL while dropping the files, all the files will make a single DVD.
IE. Files a.avi and b.avi are added, 1 DVD is created, the DVD will contain a.avi followed by b.avi

Changing preferences/order

If you want to change a files preference such as priority, select the files you wish to change and right click, a menu will open allowing you to change the preferences. Pressing the up and down keys with an entry selected will move it accordingly.

Editing a multiple file DVD

If you have added a multi DVD and wish to change the files within, double click on the entry in the list and a window will open allowing you to do so.

Starting/stopping the conversion

Click Process -> Start/Stop to begin/stop the conversion.

Creating XtoDVD projects

Open up ConvertXtoDVD and change the menus/chapters/etc and add the video files. Press CTRL-S to save then quit.
Add the project to XtoDVDbot 2 for conversion.



Anonymous said...

thank you!

stalks said...

"XtoDVDbot and ConvertXtoDVD both need Administrator permission on Vista."

This is simply not true. I have been running ConvertXtoDVD as an unprivilieged user since 3.x.

FYI: Using the Application Compatibility Toolkit I have removed the requirement of elevation from your app and it runs fine.

Thanks for the tool :)