Sunday, December 19, 2010

W3DR lives on

Allows DR (packet send delay) values between 10ms and 500ms (default is 250).
Includes MouseTrap.
Includes Countdown Modifier.

Phoenicks has released his own version and you can find it here:
Not exactly my W3DR but it does the job (I havent tested it personally so let me know how it goes).


Anonymous said...

big thanks for useful program!
it work prefectly..but when game is end warcraft give me a critical error
/windows 7, 1.24.4,

Anonymous said...

Wow ,nice to see that. Thanks for your hard work. By the way ,How to fix W3DR src in this code
if (numStartsWith(war3Info.BaseVersion.Version, 125))
return (IntPtr)(war3Info.BaseVersion.BaseAddress.ToInt32() + 0xXXXXXX);
else if (numStartsWith(war3Info.BaseVersion.Version, 124))
return (IntPtr)(war3Info.BaseVersion.BaseAddress.ToInt32() + 0xACD73C);

Anonymous said...

Why the site is down?... I need dr for version 1.25b!

Spazman6117 said...

No longer works since the last update but thanks for when it did work

Spy-Night said...

Yep it doesn't work anymore because of the last update of bnet

Anonymous said...

please make 1.26a asap i beg you this program is very important to me

Anonymous said...

W3DR that is on contain some trojan.

Anonymous said...

07/03/2012 18:20:11: Error: Game.dll (-2)
07/03/2012 18:20:11: Could not retrieve pre game delay value (NET, -3)
07/03/2012 18:20:11: Error: Game.dll (-1)

Why? .. How i can fixed?

Anonymous said...

SIR! There's a problem. When I'm done opening my warcraft with the w3dr (working) it says in the command that waiting for the GAME.DLL even though warcraft is opened. Please help! :(